Carrying Capacity

With 7 billion people the world is overpopulated. The carrying capacity of earth is unknown, but with 2 billion going hungry and 4 billion in poverty we have greatly exceeded it. The toxins and garbage we generate are changing the planet. We add another billion people every 11 years. By 2050 we will have 10 billion people on earth.

The greatest determinant of wealth is primary energy. With abundant energy societies get richer. When societies get richer the birth rate falls.  But this demand for energy causes climate change.

Climate change is accelerating beyond the worst-case scenarios of world scientists. A tipping point, a point of no return, may occur at any time. Sea level rise, caused by climate change may displace whole populations into neighboring countries, causing instability, leading to war.

U.S. military studies state that nuclear war caused by climate-driven instability is potentially the greatest threat to the United States and world civilization.

Other world threats are pandemics caused by overcrowding, and asteroid strikes. Each may catastrophically reduce world populations, causing death to billions and the possible end of civilization.

Civilization-ending asteroids from the Oort Cloud approaching from behind the sun can strike earth with little or no warning.

By 2050 primary energy demand by current modern and emerging societies will be three times the present and will have to be three times as clean. There are no known earthly technologies that can achieve this. We are running out of arable land and natural resources. Climate change caused extreme weather is adding to these problems.

These problems can be mitigated by a movement into space, to colonize and exploit the Moon, Mars, space colonies, asteroids, comets and the moons of solar planets. Space Solar Power and Fusion from Lunar fuel is clean, safe, and renewable. There are more natural resources in the comets and asteroids than on earth.

In recent generations we have achieved the technological means to move into space while creating the necessity to do so.

Within a few generations we will either solve these problems and move beyond our small, fragile home, or we will devolve to an earlier state of civilization. It is an intelligence test for the human race. We need an all out world effort in a crisis mode.

Top Scientists tell us we need a Marshall Plan, a Manhattan project, to develop new energy from space; a crash program for humanity to survive and move beyond…

“The earth is the cradle of humanity. But one cannot stay in the cradle forever.”                                                    …Constantin Tsiolkovsky

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Chip Proser was a Director-Cameraman and Producer for 7 years at WCVB-TV in Boston. He won multiple Emmys and other awards at the Peabody Award-winning ABC Affiliate, called "Arguably the Best TV Station in America" by the New York Times. He was captured by Zombies and forced to become a screenwriter in 1980 after selling his original feature screenplay "Interface" to Zoetrope Studios. Called "One of the Best Films Never Made" by American Film Magazine, the project resides at Paramount. Proser did the major page 1 rewrite on "Top Gun"; wrote "Iceman". created and wrote "Innerspace", He Created, Wrote, Produced and Directed "Sworn To Secrecy (Secrets Of War", Int’l), a documentary series for A&E; History Channel and Pearson Television. He has written projects for CBS, NBC, HBO, Warner Brothers Paramount, Columbia, Disney, ABC and wrote the interactive game "Top Gun - Fire At Will". He recently Wrote, Directed and Produced "Gaia Selene - Saving the Earth by Colonizing the Moon", a feature documentary on climate change, the energy crisis and mitigating the above by harvesting clean, renewable energy from Lunar Solar Power and Helium 3 Fusion.

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