enemies of mankind

There are 7 billion people in the world. Only the American Right Wing Republicans deny climate change. There are 47 million registered Republicans. There are 233 Republicans in the US House of Representatives and 45 Republicans in the Senate.

Fossil Fuel Companies bribe U.S. politicians with over $20 million dollars a year.

0.0067% of the world population are putting us all at risk through greed and stupidity.

These Fossil CEO Enemies of Mankind could change the course of history.

Top 10 Fossil Companies

Dongjin Wang – PetroChina
Rex Tillerson – Exxon Mobil
Andrew Mackenzie – BHP Billiton
Maria das Graças Silva Foster – Petrobras
Ben van Beurden – Royal Dutch Shell
Bob Dudley – BP
Tianpu Wang – Sinopec
John Watson – Chevron
Christoph de Margerie – Total
Alexi Miller – Gazprom


  1. Peabody Energy – Greg Boyce
  2. Arch Coal – John Eaves
  3. Cloud Peak Energy – Colin Marshall
    Alpha Natural Resources – Kevin Crutchfield
  4. CONSOL Energy – J Harvey
  5. Alpha Appalachia Holdings – Steve Sears
  6. NACCO Industries – Alfred M. Rankin, Jr.
  7. Peter Kiewitt Sons – Bruce Grewcock
  8. Alliance Resources Operating Partners – Joseph W. Craft III
    Energy future Holdings – Jim Burke


Charles Koch – Koch Industries
David Koch – Koch Industries
Roger Ailes – Fox News Propagandist

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